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Classic TV Game Shows

for parties & events

Your guests will have a blast being contestants in their favorite classic TV game shows.  Get your buzzer hand ready! 


We offer several game shows for you to choose from, with various setup options, for events of all sizes. 

*Make it a true Game Night by choosing multiple games to play during your event.

Ultimate Game Night Live - Feud 2.jpg

Ultimate Feud

Put your survey skills to the test with this Family Feud style game show that's all about guessing what the most popular answers are.

Ultimate Game Night Live - Quiz Show (3).jpg

Quiz Show:

This Jeopardy style game show always entertains audiences.  Up to 10 teams can play at once!

Ultimate Game Night Live - Wheel Of Fun.jpg

Wheel of Fun

Get ready to guess letters and solve the puzzles with this classic game show that everyone can play along to.

Ultimate Game Night Live - No Wammies.jpg

No Whammies

This exciting game show is all about luck, risk and strategy... just don't land on a Whammy.  Get ready to "press your luck".

Ultimate Game Night Live - 20 Second Challenge.jpg

20 Seconds To Get It

A fun and fast-paced game show that's all about quick thinking and physical challenges.  Like Minute To Win It, but 3 times faster.

Ultimate Game Night Live - Ultimate Says.jpg

Ultimate Says

The ultimate team fill-in-the-blank game.  Contestants try to guess the top answers that America has answered to fun fill-in-the-blanks.

e2IMG_1233 (3).jpg

Classic Match Game

Two contestants try matching our "celebrity" panel's answers to the craziest fill-in-the-blanks.

Name That Tune_edited.jpg

Name That Tune

Put your musical knowledge to the test and see if you can Name That Tune! This classic game is always a crowd favorite.

Pyramid game.gif


The timeless word association game in which two contestants and their partners face off in a race against the clock to make it to the winners' circle.

Every event is unique.  Not cookie-cutter.

That is why every game show is setup custom to YOUR event.  Let us know what you are looking for, how big you are looking to go, how much space you have to fill, or what budget you are looking to work within, and we'll not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Contact Us today to discuss your event!

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